Tom and Roxie McLeod have been missionaries with Go To Nations since Spring of 2007. They are integrally involved in the training, orientation and evaluation of GTN’s more than 850 missionary workers spread throughout the world.  Beginning in 2013, Tom and Roxie were seconded (loaned) to Cru (The US organization formally called Campus Crusade for Christ). In that capacity, Tom mobilizes and organizes prayer and ministry throughout the First Coast, including hosting weekly prayer meetings at Jacksonville’s City Council Chambers, leading a city-wide prayer walking movement referred to as Adopt-Your-Street (AYS). He also helps or leads city-wide prayer events such as Global Day of Payer, National Day of Prayer, and Festival of Hope. Tom and Roxie love their involvement in elevating all of the First Coast’s awareness of Go To Nations’ nearly thirty-five years of service to the body of Christ.

Tom and Roxie have two children. Their son Troupe is a student at Texas Tech, while Amazing Grace, their 4 year old daughter, is determined to wait on college….. a little while longer.