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Watch this week's feature on First Coast Living!

Watch us live at 11am and then again at 2pm every Monday on First Coast Living! In celebration of 33 years of serving around the world, Building a Difference is partnering with us to create 33 videos featured right here on Every week we will feature a new video on First Coast Living, hosted by Casey Black DeSantis and Nick Loren. Casey is an Emmy Award winning television host who is entering her third year with First Coast Living, and Nick is a Hollywood producer, actor and Top 40 singer who started out in the entertainment 14 years ago as John Travolta's stunt double.  

We are excited to announce that we have a brand new radio show! Hosted by our own Chris Conley and Jeremy Henderson, we will be continuing the TV/Video experience every Monday afternoon at 3pm. We will be interviewin missionaries here and out in the feild. You can listen and call in with questions about each week's topics! Catch up and listen to our past shows HERE!  


Go To Nations and GloDev are partnering with Building A Difference in Honduras!

We need your help in this incredible opportunity! We need $30,000 to finish the entire Sustainable Microfarm we are calling the "Living Lab". Your partnership will have lasting fruit both naturally and supernaturally! Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity to help change the lives of children at risk in Honduras!

We are excited about the progress we have seen in San Pedro Sula through the work of our missionaries Wyly and Candy Gammon. They have been working diligently for the past 9 years helping provide training for children and in recent years they started a school for children at risk. New Destiny School, in partnership with Eagle Christian School, is designed to give children at risk the opportunity to receive a quality education. This year due to overwhelming success and growth, they started a second school! Now over 600 children are receiving a quality, bible-based education!

Last year, Glodev, the relief and development arm of GTN constructed the first of many sustainable microfarms at House of Mercy orphanage near the first New Destiny School where the orphans now attend. The sustainable microfarm is a model aquaponic system that can provide unlimited fish, herbs and vegetables for the orphans and some families in the mountain community. Now, one year later, we are planning a new microfarm to be constructed beside New Destiny School that can feed the 300 children attending there. The new microfarm will be built in several phases which when completed will be 28,000 gallons and capable of providing food for the students.

We have funding now for Phase 1 which will be the training system offering Science and Biology training for the school and sustainable development training for agriculture workers from all over Central America.

Update: We are extending our trip registration for the exciting ground-breaking of our new Living Lab! If you are interested in going with GTN on this trip, you must register by June 20th. Click here for more information

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Photograph of Fall 2014 LDF

Leadership Development Forum Empowers Leaders!

We are so excited for the opportunity to provide our missionaries with the Leadership Development Forum which is a platform to impart the DNA, Core Values, Ministry Culture and Mission of Go To Nations into the lives of the existing and emerging leadership of the ministry. We had 11 missionaries from around the world for three weeks join us as they received the tools and impartation necessary to go back to their field and raise up the next generation of leaders. By using the gifts they have received and serving it to others they are able to impact the nations in a greater way. These are generational leaders, and we are excited to see the fruit of their labor.





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