We have some good news!

Dear Field Missionaries and WHQ Team,

It is with great joy that I announce to you the formation of a Member Care Team. It is the beginning of a
 long awaited desire to better provide for your needs individually and as a family. The newly formed team consists of Frank and Deborah Barnes- Directors of Global Prayer, Chris and Sheila Conley- Directors of Short-term Missions, Victor Barousse- International Mobilizer and Team Chapel Coordinator, Kathie Barousse- Member Care Minister, Janet Meyers-  Special Events Greetings and myself.

The Barnes and Kathie are the only one serving full-time right now. Below you can read a little about Kathie and the important role that she will play. We are working to increase prayer coverage for you, individual care in times of grief, high stress or crisis and to provide resources to help make your life and witness stronger and more enjoyable.

Each month you will be receiving a newsletter from Member Care with updates and informative articles to keep you posted of our progress, as well as tools to help you grow stronger. Included will be a short exhortation and tool to help you in your Partner and Support Raising.

You are the reason we do what we do. It is our passion to love you, serve you and to provide the support needed for you to do what you do with excellence and in spiritual, emotional and physical health. I pray the Lord continue to increase this team and their mantles to fulfill His desire and plans for each one as they serve the Lord and you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas as you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and love on your families. Please let us know if you need anything during this holiday season.

In Christ,

Nancy Lovelace
Executive Vice President of Global Ministries


Kathie is a native Minnesotan who met her Louisiana born husband Victor in 1984 on a short-term mission to China.  Married since 1986, they have three wonderful children – Dan, married to Joanna; Lauren, a nursing student; and Sarah, a sophomore in high school.  Kathie has been on mission trips in the Philippines, China, Thailand and Russia.  She and her family lived in Russia a total of 12 years, engaged in church planting and pastoring, primarily in Siberia.  Brrr!    She is a gifted listener, counselor and inner healing minister.  Recently relocated to headquarters, Kathie is delighted to be able to encourage and support Go To Nations missionaries and staff as a much needed Member Care minister.

You can reach out to her via e-mail at membercare@gotonations.org, via Skype at kathie.barousse, or via mobile at 813-481-8678.