Establish, Empower, Engage and Expose

The purpose of the GTN Apprenticeship is to:

Establish the apprentice in family life, language, cultural adaptation, team, core values and the DNA of Go To Nations, donor ministry and Go To Nations’ Reporting.

Empower the apprentice to draw on both their individual giftings and the corporate giftings in their apostolic team in order to Engage the culture and reach the people, while learning the principles of establishing a lasting work.

Expose the apprentice to ministry opportunities throughout their apprenticeship as an aid in identifying their purpose, ministry role and strategy in the nation. A detailed plan of ministry is the end result for the apprentice.

Apprenticeship Objectives

The goal of a Go To Nations Apprenticeship is to develop a fully functioning GTN missionary that:

  • Is established in their home, family life and personal safety and security.
  • Has a growing proficiency in the language.
  • Is comfortable working in the culture.
  • Has taken ownership of GTN Core Values & ‘Team As Spiritual Family’ principles.
  • Is sufficiently funded for personal needs and ministry vision.
  • Has competency in donor ministry, reporting and procedures.
  • Has an identified written ministry plan and budget and strategy to deploy that plan.

In the first year of Apprenticeship, activities will be heavily weighted towards language & cultural learning and adaptation. Those activities alone are crucial to both short and long term ministry success in the nation and region.

At the same time, significant emphasis will be given to establishing the apprentice’s home and family, along with integration into the Go To Nations team. Language, culture, family life and team will be the main focus of the first year of the Apprenticeship.

A significant characteristic of Go To Nations teams is strong apostolic leadership, gifting, strategy and purpose. Apprenticing missionaries’ primary ministry activities will be fulfilled through Go To Nations ministry and projects, and/or exposure to other ministries or partnerships. This environment allows for a greater transfer of the understanding, anointing and empowerment that the apprentice will need for full-time missionary service. Ministry will be limited until cultural and language learning, the strength of family and team life have been demonstrated. 

Throughout the Apprenticeship, training and mentorship will be focused on instilling Go To Nations Core Values and DNA into the life, ministry and expression of the apprentice.