Your special gift at year's end is like fuel for the global missions movement.

Giving makes me more like God. He gives—holding nothing back. So should we.
— Craig Kuehn, Vice President of Ministries for Go To Nations

As a Missions-Sending Agency

As we set our course to finish the race, mobilizing future generations to surpass us and igniting global movements to reach the remaining unreached, we are gleaning from our fathers, the Traditionalists, who laid down their lives for future generations and purposed to unify themselves despite gender or race in order to finish the task.  By the grace of God, we will build multicultural teams who will complete our God-given mission.


3,065,208,000 are still lost.

Over 5,000,000 have received ministry and over 1.7 million souls have been won to Jesus Christ through the work of Go To Nations. Our global impact covers over 90 nations across the globe, more than 4,000 churches planted,  and more than 23,000 Bible School Graduates through Go To Nations missionaries. 

But, the work is not yet complete ... billions of fathers, mothers, and children have not even heard the name of Jesus Christ. Let's make a significant difference this year. It's not too late!