Bob & Kim Whitlock have been GTN “Business as Missions” missionaries in India since 2010.  In April, 2015, God called the Whitlocks to serve in Curitiba, Brazil.    They have partnered with IMB missionaries from the United States that also live in Curitiba.  Together they work to mobilize Brazilians who have been called to mission fields around the world.  The team has written a curriculum to train business people whom God has called to be missionaries.  This training will prepare new Business as Missions missionaries in how to establish, maintain, and grow their new ministries.
The Whitlocks will also be working with Dr. Jerry Williamson and Mitch Arbelaez of GTN to introduce Global Pathway training to churches throughout South America.  Through decades of evangelism Brazil has become an emerging Christian nation that is now ready to play a large role as a mission-sending nation.  Global Pathway will train local pastors throughout Brazil and South America how to turn their churches into missionary-sending churches.  The Whitlocks and their IMB partners already have church leaders from 30 cities across South America that are ready for the Global Pathway training.