At the age of 26 Tyler hit a breaking point in his life as a result of pursuing a deep passion for growing legal Cannabis in Colorado. This past 6 years putting everything he had into the dream of being a grower began with intentions of making money to gain his independence but turned into a life full of oppression and isolation. Heading down a broken path there were many lost friendships and shattered relationships along the way, creating a wake of division. In 2014 things got to a point where Tyler made the decision to move back to FL, it was there that he began to form a relationship with God through his Local church, The Church of Eleven22. 

Almost 2 years later in the Spring of 2016, Tyler accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was Baptized shortly after which set his heart on fire for God. But He wasn’t finished yet, Tyler began to pursue a stronger biblical foundation by joining a weekly mens Bible study where he ended up sharing his testimony with a close friend. This small conversation was a pivitol point in Gods calling for Tyler as he was immediately put in contact with a man named Tim Lovelace, Founder of GloDev. This is where God truly began to work on Tyler’s heart as he started to redeem Tyler’s past of growing drugs for a future in developing sustainable food resources. 

Being that GloDev is the relief and development arm of Go To Nations, Tyler now has the opportunity to utilize his passion and knowledge of Botany for answering the prayers of thousands of people around the globe that don’t know where there next meal will come from. Tyler is currently working on laying the foundation of Eden Gardens, a fully self-sustaining Eco farm that will serve as GloDev’s primary training facility in Jacksonville, FL. Tyler has a vision to equip missionaries with the knowledge of sustainable farming techniques that will be implemented in future projects around the Globe creating a lasting effect that will empower the Nations.

There is an immediate need around the world for hunger but I’m not convinced that food is the only thing that will meet the demand, the hunger for the gospel is much greater than we have ever imagined and only God can meet a need as big as the one we are facing. Yes, I can feed a man one meal and he will be sustained for that day but my heart would not let me feel content knowing that tomorrow that same man will wonder for food again.