The Timothy Internship Program, TIP, is built on a foundation of true discipleship principles and accountability. A variety of training modules are integrated into the program that equip the missionary intern with the necessary skill sets and confidence to reach an unreached people group while working effectively as a team, an “apostolic band of believers”

The 10 week training modules are: 

Our Go To Nations "Core DNA" is woven throughout the internship, seizing the "rhema" and prophetic destiny in the nation for that particular internship, intimate and powerful intercession, accountability through biblical conflict resolution, walking as a New Testament Team (which means becoming an apostolic band of believers that encourages and releases all ministry giftings within the team to accomplish the call of God on the team), personally hearing the call and plans for each missionary intern post the Timothy Internship Program, and being stretched out of their comfort zone to the degree necessary to experience character growth, ministry growth and growth in their personal confidence and faith.

You have three field internship opportunities:

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