Don and Lindsey Luttrell started Mission for the Multitudes over two years ago after building a small aquaponics system in their backyard in Texas. What seemed to be a simple project, turned into a God-led adventure that neither of them could have ever imagined.  They felt God calling them to share this new found hobby to as many people as they could, and out of one simple step of obedience everything in their lives took a complete 180. 

Don and Lindsey along with their three children, Kade, Jace and Aavin, uprooted a familiar life in Texas and moved to Dade City, Florida, where they could work and learn more about aquaponics at Morning Star Fishermen Aquaponics Training and Research Facility. 

Through the partnership with Morning Star Fishermen, Don and Lindsey learned a lot more then they had bargained for. They learned all about sustainable living and appropriate technologies. They learned that while aquaponics was a great way to grow food sustainably, it was only a small piece of the puzzle.  All forms of sustainable agriculture began to come into focus.  It was becoming evident that through education and the proper integration of aquaponics with other forms of sustainable farming, people all over the globe could truly learn to be 100% self sufficient and in many cases permanently break the cycle of malnutrition and poverty. 

By divine appointment God brought Tim Lovelace, the CEO of Glodev, Inc, to Morning Star Fishermen and the Luttrell’s lives. GloDev is the relief and development arm for Go To Nations and establishes sustainable micro farms in some of the poorest areas of the world. What seemed like God's timing and the perfect fit, Don and Lindsey signed on to become full-time missionaries with Go To Nations and are now available to offer their expertise to GloDev to help create lasting change throughout the world.  

Mission for the Multitudes is a Christ-centered mission that sets out to multiply God’s kingdom and fight poverty through the education and development of sustainable agriculture.  By teaching those that will teach others, we can effectively build up disciples that can share the good news of Christ and the abundance of God’s creation.