Ding and Mona Teodoro were born in Manila, Philippines, and are blessed with four children. Both of them are licensed chemists, but they gave up their careers to follow God’s call in their lives. They have been pastors of New Hope To Asia Christian Fellowship in Cainta, for over thirteen years. The church was handed over to them in 1997 by its founders, Canadian missionaries, Frank and Liz Amantea.

In 1999, the Teodoros started a children’s ministry by putting on a Christmas Party for 500 street children. The following month, the First Module for Superkids Bible Club started, and 35 children came. They are taught the word of God and fed hot meals. The Superkids meetings soon became a venue where thousands of street children have come to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, some as young as four years old. The weekly Superkids Bible Club is in its twelfth year and is now attended by over 500 street children. Since then, God has opened more doors to minister to the poor of Cainta. Youth ministry was also birthed, attended by older brothers and sisters of Superkids children and those that were growing up with the Superkids.  These young people were discipled and helped to get a college education. 

In 2007, Ding and Mona founded New Hope Center for Education, a school that gives free education, uniforms, materials, and meals to the poor children. Ding and Mona continue to minister to different squatters’ communities, holding the Bible on the left hand and bringing food on the right hand. 

The Christmas Party for the street children is now an annual event in the city, where more than 2,000 kids come every year. To date, Ding and Mona have helped at least 15 college graduates - engineers, chemists, heavy equipment mechanics, and teachers from among these children.  These teachers are now teaching at the New Hope Center for Education.