We understand and value our history.

We know who we are.

We clearly understand our mission. 


  • Of the 16,000 Unreached People Groups, approximately 7,000 are still unreached.
  • Of the 300,000 Cross-cultural workers in the harvest today, roughly 1 in 10 are working among the unreached.
  • Each passing day, hundreds are sold into slavery, thousands die of AIDS, tens of thousands die of hunger and preventable diseases.
  • Men, women and children are dying without meeting their Savior, Jesus Christ.



In global partnership with the body of Christ, we train leaders to change nations, we ignite the fires of evangelism, we bring hope to the hurting, and we plant strong national churches.  We accomplish this by envisioning, mobilizing, training, and serving the Church worldwide to conduct cross-cultural missions ministry.

By fulfilling our vision, we will help bring closure to the Great Commission.


Go To Nations’ missionaries and national staff work in East, South, and West Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia and in Central, Latin and North America. Ministry includes Bible Schools, Business as Mission, Discipleship, Drama, Children’s Ministry, Church Planting, Community Transformation, Education, English as a Second Language, Equipping Churches and Nationals for Cross Cultural Missions, Evangelism, Leadership Development, Literacy, Orphanages, Relief and Development work, Ministry to Victims of Human Trafficking and Youth Ministry.

Go To Nations has seen an increasing shift in our ministry focus since 2012, bringing four distinct areas of ministry to the forefront of all that we do.

We are addressing these four focal points by further equipping the next generation of leaders and putting strategy in place to intentionally ramp up our effectiveness in these four areas of ministry focus.