Global Pathway UNIVERSITY Edition Trainer's Kit with GPIN Access

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Global Pathway UNIVERSITY Edition Trainer's Kit with GPIN Access

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The printed Global Pathway University Edition Trainer's Kit contains props, tools, PowerPoint files, videos, syllabus, test questions and Trainer's Notes--all to empower the leader to conduct their own Global Pathway Conference or simply to allow the pastor to implement this transformational training in his or her own church. Utilization of the printed Trainer's Kit is essential as the certification candidate completes the "Train the Trainer" Online Course, and enables the learner to interact directly with the material. The University Edition also includes a Curriculum Guide.

The Curriculum Guide for the University Edition includes:

  • 35 to 60 minute sessions on all (9) modules, featuring Dr. Jerry Williamson.
  • Teaching notes on each module.
  • PowerPoint Files for each module.
  • Course Syllabus Template, including suggested outside reading.
  • Cooperative Learning Project & Rubric
  • Mid-Term Exam & Final Exam, objective and subjective focus. 

NOTE: Shipping cost for Global Pathway UNIVERSITY Edition Trainer's Kit is not included in the cost of GPIN access.