Raising Support

Sometimes the cost of a mission trip can hinder people from joining a mission team, even though they have a desire to serve overseas.  The cost can seem daunting but the reality is, traveling overseas can be costly.  This is where faith comes in.   Short-term missions is an opportunity to stretch your faith; not only in regard to the cost, but also in regard to stepping out into an unknown.  Short-term missions stretches your faith and can challenge your view of God.  How much do you trust God to provide for you and take care of you?  Scripture teaches us that God is a good God who desires to give good gifts to His children.  If he has placed a desire in your heart to go, He is faithful to provide the resources!  

Why Raise Support?

Asking others to support your mission trip can be intimidating and uncomfortable but it gives others an opportunity to partner with you.  Everyone is called to missions.  Some are called to go and some are called to send those who go.  Scripture teaches us that those who support mission trips are credited with the good work that is accomplished.  You’re not simply asking people for money, you are asking them to partner with you in accomplishing a mission.  In the end, everyone is blessed for their part! 

Support Raising Ideas

There are a number of support raising ideas online that can assist you in reaching your goal.  Check with your local restaurants for fundraising options and if you are raising support with a team, you can organize group events such as car washes, rummage sales, bake sales, and spaghetti dinners. If you are creative you could sell your artwork, make a CD or design your own jewelry to sell.  If you love working with your hands, you could do lawn work, clean houses, or build things to sell.  Be creative and take advantage of your own unique talents and abilities. 

+What does my trip cost cover?

Each of our mission trips have an all-inclusive cost that covers the airfare, lodging, ground transportation, trip insurance, daily meals and much more. Each participant will need to bring money for any meals purchased in the airport and any personal spending money.

+ When are my trip funds due?

Half of all trip funds are due 90 days before the team departure date. The remaining funds are due no later than 30 days before departure.

+ How can I share my mission with others?

The most effective way to share your mission is through conversation. Writing a personal fundraising letter is a great way to open up the opportunity to share your mission, your support raising goals and information on how they can donate. Social media is also a great tool to spread the word.

+ What should I say in my support raising letter?

The most important thing to communicate in your support raising letter is your heart. Determine why you want to go on the mission and how you are expecting God to use you. Share that vision and purpose with others! Be sure to include your trip date, trip code and giving options.

+ How can people give to my mission trip?

You can direct your supporters to give by credit card through our website or have them call our office at 904.398.6559. They may also mail their donations to Go To Nations, PO Box 10305, Jacksonville, FL 32247. Please have them include the trip code and your name in the memo.

+What do I do with checks or cash given directly to me?

Please encourage your donors to make their checks payable to Go To Nations but if they give you cash or a check written out to your name, you can mail a replacement check to Go To Nations. Please include the names and addresses of those who gave so that we can send them a tax-deductible receipt for their gift.

+Can I contribute to my own mission trip?

Yes, you can contribute to your own mission trip but we encourage everyone to support raise and give others the opportunity to share in your mission.

+Do my supporters get a tax receipt?

Since we are a 501c3 non-profit organization, every donation we receive is tax deductible and each donor will be mailed a tax-deductible receipt.

+What happens if I miss my deadline?

Please contact us if you do not believe you will be able to meet a deadline. We will do our best to work with you.

+What if I raise more than I need?

Excess funds will be used to help another member of your team that has yet to reach their support raising goals and will be used to further the ministry work of the team.

+What if I am short on my financial support?

If you do not raise all of the funds necessary to go, you can donate those funds to help someone else on your team or we can hold your funds for up to one year for you to join another team at a later date.