Short-term missions gives individuals and churches an opportunity to connect with what God is doing in the nations. These missions help establish lasting partnerships with Go To Nations' missionaries serving in strategic locations around the world while simultaneously advancing the Kingdom of God through a variety of community transformation projects such as children and youth ministry, feeding programs, medical outreaches, worship events, Bible training, strategic prayer, and so much more. Short-term missions not only impacts the lives of the people in which they are serving, but they also greatly affect the lives of those on the short-term team. God will take you half-way around the world to show you His heart and to speak specifically to you!

Did you know that 87% of all full-time missionaries first start by going on a short-term mission?

That is why short-term missions are vital to completing the mission of reaching every tribe, every tongue, and every nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Jesus told us to pray for workers for the harvest because the world is in great need. That is why we go! We understand that not everyone has been called to serve as a full-time missionary, but Jesus has called each and every one of us to spread the good news and to make disciples everywhere that we go. Join us! It will change your life and together we can change nations - one life at a time.


Chris & Sheila Conley

Directors of Short-Term Missions

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If you are interested in exploring additional mission opportunities or would like to plan a specific group trip, please contact us by completing the interest form below. 


BURKINA FASO: June 8-18, 2018


This mission team will be traveling to an unreached people group to share the gospel of jesus christ through puppet skits, drama presentations, storytelling, scripture reading, and by showing jesus films.

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HONDURAS: June 16-23, 2018

CP4E18F3: $1,750, plus $200 registration fee

Every year we send a team to do a week of vacation bible school at a church located on the edge of a very poor community. The children anticipate our arrival all year long and it is an amazing week of bible lessons, crafts, and games.


HONDURAS: August 4-11, 2018

CP4E18H1: $1,750, plus $200 registration fee

This mission will be focused on community outreach projects which will include feeding programs, discipleship opportunities, wood-working, door-to-door prayer ministry, and orphanage visits. 


INDIA: Sept. 28- Oct. 13, 2018

CP4E18I1: $2,800, plus $200 registration fee

This is a woman's only mission focused on ministering to the women and pastor's wives who are busy serving everyone else and rarely have anyone minister to them.


PHILIPPINES: Dec. 1-15, 2018

CP4E18H2: $2,600, plus $200 registration fee

This mission will be focused on sustainable micro-farming and community transformation projects that are designed to educate families and end systemic poverty.


If you are interested in getting involved in short-term missions, connecting your church, or simply having a better understanding of what we do, please contact us. We will do our best to help you get started and answer any questions you may have regarding our short-term missions program. 

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