By completing the form below tells us that you commit to the following requirements for a Short-Term Mission Trip with Go To Nations: 

1. I agree to the application process which includes a full background check. 

2. I commit to act in a godly manner toward all team members, missionaries and locals during the trip. 

3. I will choose to submit to all spiritual leadership who will challenge me to a greater level of faith and action. 

4. I agree to remain culturally sensitive while in the country and honor the work being accomplished by the missionaries. 

5. I agree to not use any illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products - or carry them on my possession. 

6. I commit to honor God and GTN with the words I speak and will refrain from profanity in any language. 

7. I commit to not participate in any type of pornography or any inappropriate behavior or speech toward another individual. 

8. I commit to not bring or posses any weapons or anything that could be considered a weapon. 

9. I will refrain from any romantic involvement or physical affection with anyone (unless married). 

10. I choose to maintaining a positive attitude no matter what circumstance may arise.

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Please note that some regions require varying degrees of walking and may include inclines and rough terrain. Please keep your physical capabilities in mind when choosing a short-term trip location. Any concerns can be discussed with the Short-Term Missions Department
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