With 25 years in the documentary/television industry, Mick Richards has established himself as a gifted artist combining his talents as producer, director, videographer, editor and music composer. His experience has culminating in the creation of DeepLight Entertainment, which is dedicated to family and ministry-related television programming and documentaries.

Building a Difference is his latest documentary TV series featuring people, organizations and charities that are truly building a difference in the lives of those in desperate need.



I want to sincerely thank you for considering partnering with me in this incredible opportunity we have with Building a Difference: Beyond Your Borders – a comprehensive and powerful 3-volume series discovering the heart of world missions.  I can tell you from personal experience while traveling with Go To Nations the past few years, I have seen things I never thought I would see and have met some of the most beautiful people in the world. The most misunderstood person could be the missionary. Simply put, it can be very difficult for many to understand the heart true missions who have never experienced extreme poverty themselves. A few years ago, I was the same way. But through up-close personal experiences, I’ve been able to look deep inside the missionary heart and those they are helping. 

What I discovered was extraordinary; beautiful, eternal treasure unseen by the rest of the world. I believe I have a direct calling from God to seek out and capture those hidden, untold stories and share them with you…and a worldwide audience.  The end result will be a powerful and educational resource, a life-changing catalyst to the Great Commission, igniting hearts to movements of compassion they are destined for!

As a missionary artist myself, I solely depend on the gifts of supporters as I've committed to fulltime missionary work with Building a Difference and Go To Nations in order to accomplish this massive task. This is going to take a tremendous amount of work, and your financial partnership is CRITICAL in making this project a reality...an investment we will all see fulfilled in eternity!