“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.”   Isaiah 61:3

Mission: Empower the body of Christ to advance social justice


1. Bring true justice on earth through worship and strategic prayer.

2. Build wholeness in persons vulnerable to or rescued from sex trafficking.

3. Envision and equip the body of Christ to promote and act for social justice.

4. Empower families to parent persons affected by injustice.


Current action steps:

1. We are currently involved in weekly outreaches in the red light district in Chiang Rai (1 time/week for visits and fellowship, prayer, encouragement and one time/week to offer free English lessons to serve and deepen relationships). The red light district is in the midst of the tourist district and consists of bars, massage parlors and a large hotel. We share the love of Jesus as we build relationships with these ones who are in many ways marginalized in society. We have vision in the future to rent a building within or close to the district in order to provide a more consistent presence for prayer, relationship building and offering of practical skills.  

2. Marriage Retreats: We are in the process of planning our first series of marriage retreats with the purpose of strengthening marriages and families and impacting mindsets related to individual worth, roles of men and women, and the responsibility of parents to protect and call forth the destiny of their children.  We believe that at a very root level, when these things are aligned with the truth of Jesus, we will see a shift that will bring a long-lasting change in what’s happening within the sex industry. As Jesus aligns hearts with his heart for the broken we desire to equip Christian families to take up the call to those who are exploited, praying that many will be called into the role of house parents and/or becoming safe families for individuals who come out of exploitive situations to walk into full restoration.

3. We are currently working in partnership with anti-trafficking ministry, Ezekiel Rain. As a team, we partner with ER in the weekly bar outreaches and in prayer. In addition, Jen is working within their restoration program, helping to develop curriculum, training Thai staff, coaching Thai staff in counseling skills, and helping with counseling sessions within the restoration home.