I am so full of excitement for this time of service to God.  For some time now we have been involved with the training and teaching of church leaders in America and the world regarding reaching Unreached People Groups.  Jacksonville, Florida, is home to 123 different people groups and through teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), we have worked with 100 different groups. 

Recently after I completed a MA in Theology, we started looking at the changes in the field force and saw that the previous 'harvest field' is now becoming the new 'harvest force'. This means that people who used to be Muslims or Hindus and the hardest to reach, are now taking the gospel to the nations, including to the USA!

We have found that Usha is one of the only people from her particular Hindu background that is involved in world mission.  Through a series of miracles, there is an opportunity for her to study for a Ph.D. at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in Oxford, England.  Seeing the need for the highest level of spiritual and academic excellence, Usha has applied and has been accepted to start her studies in September 2014.

Now we are looking for those who would stand with us by faith as we continue to engage the Western and Majority world in mission. Have you ever prayed for a miracle?  Have you ever received a miracle?  Would you pray about allowing God to use YOU to be the miracle to help usher in the next phase of mission?