One of the primary goals of the Leadership Development Forum (LDF) is to better equip you to rise in your calling and effectiveness as a GTN leader. To help us accomplish that goal we need to know some of the things that are on your heart as far as vision, opportunities, challenges or even hindrances to your future as a leader. This questionnaire is intended to guide you in getting some of your desires down on paper so that we can address them during our time together. Please give some time, thought, and prayer to the following questions so that we can better serve you during the LDF.

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A specific goal of the Leadership Development Forum is to help you leave with and Personal Development Plan in hand. To get started on that, it would help us to know some of what you are considering, planning and working towards for the next 3 to 5 years.
Workshop Questionnaire
We want to give you the opportunity to be ministered to and mentored by leaders in workshops that will help you succeed in areas that you feel you need to improve in. Please enumerate in preference of priority.