Beyond Your Borders - Exclusive Preview


Building a Difference has been given an extraordinary opportunity, and we inviting you to partner with us in our most ambitious project yet - Beyond Your Borders, a powerful, comprehensive three-volume documentary series discovering the heart of world missions.

Go To Nations is a missions sending organization with over 800 laborers serving in over 90 nations, and GloDev is an organization focusing on the transformation of impoverished communities through relief and development projects.  Traveling in the footsteps of these two organizations and their missionaries, viewers will get to experience inspiring, real-life stories that few have ever seen.

The groundwork for developing these stories has already been completed. Building a Difference has spent two years in research and development of missionary projects and teams while traveling to Honduras, East and West Africa, India, Thailand and the Philippines. If our partnership goals are reached, full production can begin fall 2016.


>> Part 1: BUILDING A MISSION is an in-depth study that will show how just a few people seized an opportunity to respond to the call of the great commission in a unique way and will demonstrate how a global missions movement was born. You will discover how the mission of outreach first takes root in our own backyards and then find ways to expand that reach through the adventure of short-term missions visiting some of the poorest places in the world.


>> Part 2: BUILDING A MISSIONARY explore what it takes to become a missionary in three key stages: a missionary preparation orientation, a rigorous ten-and-a-half-week internship in another country, and finally landing feet on the ground as an apprentice learning from teams already established.


>> Part 3: BUILDING A MOVEMENT will take you around the world meeting new people and experience new cultures.  You will see firsthand how individuals are rising up united, shaping movements that rescue hurting communities with physical help, spiritual light, and eternal hope. The end result will be a powerful and educational resource, a life-changing catalyst, to ignite the hearts of viewers and inspire movements of compassion they are destined for. 

Only you can make this emotional documentary series a reality. We cannot accomplish this without your help! We are inviting you to a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand your reach and stand with us as we travel back to some of the most extreme places on the planet.

It will take the support of a committed Building a Difference family to help us capture beautiful stories of transformed lives and share them with the world. You can watch our Beyond Your Borders feature video and sample episodes at There you can view our full series outline, production plans, partnership details, and benefits.

Thank you for prayerfully considering becoming a partner with in sharing these inspiring, untold stories with the world! This may be one of the most important investments you might ever investment we will see fulfilled in eternity!



Mick Richards has established himself as an artist in the documentary/television industry combining his talents as producer, director, digital videographer, editor and music composer. Starting young, with his first job at a local cable station while still in high school, Richards has continued working in the production industry in numerous roles of production in local, national, and international broadcast, as well as music composing and graphic arts

Mick's experience as a gifted artist has culminated in the creation of DeepLight Entertainment, which is dedicated to family and ministry-related television programming and documentaries. Building a Difference is his latest documentary TV series featuring people, organizations and charities that are truly building a difference in the lives of those in desperate need. In partnering with the many leaders of this great mission, it’s his intention to share unique, personal and powerful stories that will help further the movement of on-going charity and beautiful acts of benevolence in our world.