Peru Community Transformation is aimed at meeting the spiritual needs of the people living in remote villages through projects that improve the quality of life.  So often these communities are very poor and do not have running water, electricity or plumbing, therefore simple needs, like clean drinking water, become a major concern. With community transformation projects like the bio-sand water filter project, contaminated river water can be purified, which eliminates the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that so many of these villagers deal with.

Other concerns, like women cooking on open fires and dangerously inhaling huge volumes of smoke on a daily basis, can be completely eliminated by using a cook stove with a chimney that pipes all the harmful smoke to the outside and contains the fire inside the stove unit preventing fire accidents as well.

Another area of transformation involves improved crop production. By introducing improved farming and/or gardening techniques, the lack of proper nutrition for adults and children can be solved.  Other projects and programs - such as adult literacy, health talks and de-parasiting whole communities - have had positive results in improving the quality of life in the villages.  In the midst of all of this comes the gospel of Jesus Christ and discipleship with the goal of realizing a full transformation of body, soul and spirit in the individual, as well as the community as a whole.