George and Cindy Pepico are from Davao City, Philippines, the southern part of Mindanao. They are blessed with three children, two boys and one girl. George was born in Cotabato City in a Muslim community. He grew up in extreme poverty in a dysfunctional family, the eldest of six children. He was abandoned and left to care for and guide his five siblings. He found Jesus when he was 18 and went to Bible school only two weeks after his conversion. Since then he attended Calvary Bible Institute in 1998-99, under Go To Nations.

Now he is a pastor of a church in Davao City, reaching the villagers through feeding programs for the children, youth counseling programs and teaching and strengthening families. He works on planting churches in the tribal people such as Bagobo, Ubo and Mantsaka tribes. He is teaching in different Bible schools in Davao City, throughout the Philippines and in neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia.

George and Cindy are focusing in Davao City to continue to lead the church in an apostolic ministry, to reach out to the villagers and the tribes around Mindanao, discipling leaders, teaching in Bible schools and taking short mission trips around Asia Pacific.