Dear Pastor or church leader,

We understand the pressures and demands that your ministry can entail and how you can easily be pulled in many different directions in ministry. That is why we are grateful that you have taken the time to complete a recommendation form for one of your people who is interested in traveling with Go To Nations. You do not have to carry the title of pastor to complete this form. We know that there are many key and influential leaders within a church that don't necessarily carry an official title.  With that being said, we are looking to understand the spiritual condition of the applicant. Your insights as a spiritual leader will enable us to better understand where the applicant is in their relationship with the Lord and how we can may better assist them through their mission experience. Please complete each question thoroughly and if you have any concerns, please make them known.


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Please answer the questions on this form in detail to better equip us to consider the applicant for acceptance on a Short-Term Mission Trip. The information you provide as their spiritual leader is vital to their acceptance and will assist GTN in evaluating their effectiveness on the mission field.
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