Dear Pastor,

On behalf of the entire staff here at GO TO NATIONS we would like to thank you for your passion for missions!  This Candidate from your church has begun the application process for our Missionary Preparation & Orientation Program.  The candidates at MPO receive fundamental missions training and, with your help, are evaluated for field service.  Thus, we need your assessment of the candidate's qualifications for missionary service.  We will contact you directly during the first week of the program to communicate our recommendations for this missionary candidate. 

Go To Nations- Every Tribe, Every Tongue, Every Nation

From our World Headquarters, we connect people with life impacting projects, provide a passionate voice for the harvest, and identify, train, and serve missionaries. 

We are here as an organization to serve you in a variety of capacities.  Services that we offer are as follows:

  • Missions Candidate Training:  Two times each year, Go To Nations holds an 18 day program called Missionary Preparation & Orientation (MPO), 6 days are at our World Headquarters and the remaining 12 days are online trading.  MPO is designed to confirm and evaluate your missions call.  The first 6 days can also be a key to giving a rich understanding of world missions to Pastors, Missions Directors, and Board Members.  *MPO is required to become a missionary with Go TO Nations.  At the end of MPO, and upon approval, the candidate will be given the opportunity to join Go TO Nations with missionary status.  We have two tracks, one for field placement-international Missionary States, or part-time mission's service- Associate Missionary Status.  If the candidate is accepted for placement, advisors will help determined the specific track for them.  this usually includes attending as Internship Program, following by an Apprenticeship Program.
  • Missions Internship Training:  The Timothy Internship Program (TIP) is an entry-level field internship program held in San Pedro sully, HONDURAS, Chiang Rai, THAILAND, or in Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO, West Africa, which provides hands-on training with a team.  The 10 1/2 wee internship is focused on cultural immersion, training in community transformation and learning how to function as a New Testament Team.
  • Missions Apprenticeship: The Apprenticeship Program is designed to mentor missionaries during their first 2 years of field service.  Our veteran missionaries help the apprentice missionary to fully integrate in every area.
  • Short-term Missions:   Go To Nations' short-term missions arm exists to challenge, equip, and motivate people to discover their personal missions call to go into all the world through high impact mission's trips, customized for individuals, groups or churches!
  • Islamic World Missions:  Because there are language and cultural barriers, most people do not feel equipped to share Jesus with Muslims.  A trip to the Middle East or the "Breakthrough Islam Seminar"  can change that!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you in fulfilling the churches' mandate to the Great Commission.  If you have any questions about our organization and missions training opportunities, please feel free to contact us, (904)398-6559, ext. 1118.

Dr. Faye A. Battle

Director of Missions Training

(904)398-6559, ext. 1118

3771 Spring Park Rd.

Jacksonville, FL 32207

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