Felis and Elisabeth Mubibya were both working as missionaries in Tanzania, East Africa, before they were married on August 6, 2011, in the States. Together they are returning to Tanzania to work with Pamoja Ministries to continue ministering through the creation and promotion of Christ-centered media. 

Felis has worked in partnership with local churches leading praise and training worship teams since 2003. He has released three of his own albums (Yuko Njiani-2006, Yesu Ni Mungu-2008 and Jipe Moyo-2012) and has collaborated with over 30 other artists, contributing to the gospel music and video scene in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Australia and New Zealand. Felis has a passion to see the gospel message reach all of Africa through raising up new gospel musicians with a heart of ministry. 

Lis has worked in partnership with Pamoja Ministries (www.pamoja.info) since 2009 to see life- changing media transform the cultures in Africa. Pamoja is a ministry that has been firmly established in Tanzania, East Africa, by faithful service for the last 20 years. Together with Pamoja Ministries they are communicating the gospel through the arts and media until all have heard.