As co-laborers in this end-time harvest, we are excited and thankful to God for what He is doing in the nations of the world today.  We would like to take this opportunity to share with you about Go To Nations and how Go To Nations can be of service to your ministry.  Go To Nations is a “Great Commission” ministry, meaning that every facet of our vision is focused on the completion of the Great Commission.

Go To Nations can also be classified as a “Missionary Sending Agency” because of its involvement in recruiting, training, and placement of potential missionaries, and serving the missionaries once they reach the field to ensure their long term success.  We seek to create a national movement within each nation.

Our purpose statement is Go To Nations – Every Tribe, Every Tongue, Every Nation

One of Go To Nations’ distinctions is its ability to help the body of Christ mobilize laborers for the world harvest, whether it is short-term trips or full- time missionary service.  Presently, Go To Nations has approximately 170 missionaries living in over 20 countries and has conducted ministry in 75 nations.  Our projects are in The Americas, the former Soviet Union, West and South Africa, and in Asia-Pacific.

One of the keys to long-term success for any missionary is to start their missions endeavor on a solid foundation.  That foundation includes proper orientation, evaluation, and essential preparation before field departure.  To address these issues, Go To Nations has developed a solid program called the Missionary Preparation & Orientation, (MPO).  The effectiveness of this program is well documented with a history of proven positive results.  Let me share a few main points about the MPO.


This is an 18-day program to help the potential missionary properly evaluate what preparation has been taken for field service and what preparation still needs to be done.  Essential training is provided to help them address their pre-departure preparation and the challenges of the first year on the field.  Some topics considered are:

-Spiritual Preparation                                        -Financial Preparation

-Physical Preparation                                        -Legal Preparation

-Mental Preparation                                          -Relational Preparation


During the first six days of classes, candidates will accomplish the following:

A.  Meet many of the leadership of GTN and the staff of the World Headquarters.

B.  Receive training for the Great Commission Mandate.

C.  Learn about the different ministries of GTN around the world.

D.  Learn the operating procedures of GTN, both in the U.S. and overseas.

E.  Receive training for mission’s wholeness and well-being for the family.

During the last 12 days of classes, candidates will learn how to develop your personal support team.


Subjects (not all inclusive) included in the training are:

Great Commission Mandate                                       Understanding Your Call

Mission, Core Values of Go To Nations                    Reaching Muslims

Ministry Etiquette                                                      First Year on the Field

Cultural Preparedness                                                 Crisis Management

Mobilization & Church Relations                              Missions from a Pastor’s Viewpoint

Fundraising Principles                                                Policy & Procedure

How to Develop a Ministry Plan                               Personal Development           


The candidate classes are conducted by Go To Nations’ Staff, most of whom are veteran field missionaries and/or ministers


A thorough evaluation process is conducted through the following:


-Personal Recommendation Letter

-Pastor’s Recommendation

-Style Analysis Testing

-Personal Interviews

-Criminal Background Check

-Evaluation of Ministry Experience, Training & Calling


Interviewers, dealing with their area of expertise, conduct the personal interviews.  The interviews cover the following topics:

1.     VALIDATION EVALUATION - includes those items deemed important to verify the candidate’s credibility.

2.     PERSONAL RESOURCES EVALUATION - describes personal skills and qualities considered significant.

3.     BACKGROUND STATUS EVALUATION - deals with previous experience.

4.     SOCIAL STATUS EVALUATION - deals with marriage, family, and relational skills.


 Eligibility Statement: The missionary candidate must have attained the minimum age of 18 years old.  The candidate is required to have one year of Bible School, or two years of meaningful, consistent, and faithful service in a local church, and a Pastor’s Recommendation. There are exceptions for people recruited for specific assignments other than pastoral ministries.  All exceptions must be approved by the candidate’s Pastor and by Go To Nations.

NOTE: If married or engaged, both husband and wife, or fiancés, must each complete an application.  Please enclose two (2) photographs of each family member, including children.   If a single GTN missionary marries, he/she has one year after marrying to attend MPO with their new spouse.

Next Steps

Upon approval, the candidate will progress through the missionary equipping track. This track encompasses 18 days of MPO, 10 1/2 weeks of the Timothy Internship Program and a 10 month field Apprenticeship with a veteran missionary. The only exception to this is candidates applying for Associate Missionary status, which is part-time missions work from the United States or veteran missionaries already living and working on foreign soil.


Thank you so much for reviewing this information.  The purpose of Go To Nations can be directly related to what Jesus said in Luke 10:2 – “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.”  It is our desire to help mobilize gifted people like you to serve God on the foreign fields of the world.


A Word from our President


A Word from our President


Go To Nations is making a significant impact in the global harvest.  Here are ten ways that illustrate how: 

1.         Go To Nations Empowers U.S. Pastors And Their Congregations To Be Great Commission Churches.

Go To Nations is uniquely positioned to provide the tools, expertise, consultation, and partnership that will help pastors maximize their church’s potential in the global harvest.  Go To Nations has designed materials to help pastors eliminate the uncertainty of missions and help their churches launch strong missions programs or help create new potential for existing ones. 

2.         Go To Nations Is A Leading Missions Sending Organization Of Full-Time Missionaries Among The American Church Community.

Go To Nations has emerged as one of the premier missionary sending tracks among U.S. ministries, and is viewed as a pioneer in lifting the bar in areas such as missionary training, pre-field departure preparation, missionary placement, mission field strategies, missionary care, and field ministry integrity especially in the areas of accountability, stewardship, and productivity.   

             3.         Go To Nations Is Discipling The Nations.

The majority of the work conducted through Go To Nations is directly involved with not only seeing people come to a saving knowledge of Christ, but also in discipling them in their new Christian faith.  Thank God for the great evangelism crusades where thousands are in attendance.  Go To Nations is involved in these types of events.  These events are very effective in exposing the masses to the saving power of a loving Savior.  But it is important to remember that only 3% of those who respond to a salvation call in these meetings continue on in their new faith.  This is why on-site missionaries to help bring personal follow-up is so important.  The central focus of the Great Commission and Go To Nations is to make disciples, not just converts.

             4.         Go To Nations Trains The Nationals To Do The Work Of The Ministry.

Go To Nations’ goal is not simply to do ministry in as many nations as possible, but rather, to raise up national Christian leaders in their own countries to do the work of the ministry.  One of Go To Nations’ core values is “To train up leaders to change nations.”  Some of the key national Christian leaders in the former Soviet Union, Latin America, and Asia are former graduates from one of the Bible schools established by Go To Nations around the world.     

             5.         Go To Nations Targets Unreached People Groups.

Out of the 16,650 identified people groups in the world, 7,183 are still classified as unreached.  Most of these are located in areas where it is extremely difficult to do missions work because of political, social or cultural reasons.  But reaching them must be a top priority of the Church of Jesus Christ according to Matthew 24:14.  Go To Nations is answering that mandate and is targeting unreached people groups in Asia, Africa, Russia and Latin America.

6.         Go To Nations Mobilizes The Nations For Cross-Cultural Ministry.

Go To Nations is not only helping win nations to Christ, but is also empowering those nations to become a global missions force of their own.    Filipinos, Latinos, Africans, Russians, Vietnamese, and others have embraced the missionary call because of the influence and training received through Go To Nations.  Go To Nations has trained, equipped, and mobilized thousands of national churches for cross-cultural mission ministry. 

7.         Go To Nations Is Penetrating The World Of Islam.

One of the greatest tasks before the Church of Jesus Christ is addressing the need for ministry outreach to Muslim areas of the world.  Go To Nations  is answering this need by expanding its missions outreaches in predominately Muslim areas especially in Asia and Africa.  Hundreds of Muslims are coming to Christ through small group evangelism and through community development projects.

8.         Go To Nations Is Impacting The Next Generation.

A strong emphasis of Go To Nations’ missions strategy is to target the young people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and has experienced tremendous results.  For example, Go To Nations has served as the catalyst to implement the Royal Rangers program in the former Soviet Union.  The program has been an over-whelming success in numerous former Communist countries seeing thousands of boys and girls discipled in Christian principles.  Another example is the Sonshine Center in Iloilo, Philippines where over 150 street children receive love and ministry every day.

9.         Go To Nations Serves As A Global Missions Facilitator. 

The impact that Go To Nations has made and is making in the global harvest goes far beyond it owns ministry structure or even its own ministry numbers.  Whether intentional or unintentional, Go To Nations has been used to start or strengthen other missions ministries throughout its existence.  For example, a large majority of the American ministries that are functioning in the former Soviet Union today received their start in missions through Calvary International.  Go To Nations also serves as a strong proponent and example in the area of mission partnerships and global networking.                  

10.       Go To Nations Emphasizes And Demonstrates Good Stewardship.

A ministry should not be graded by the size of its annual income, but rather, by what it does and accomplishes with the finances it receives.  When comparing how much money Go To Nations receives against what it is accomplishing around the world, it becomes extremely obvious that it would be hard to find a better place to investment one’s time and resources for the sake of the global harvest. The standards set by Go To Nations in the areas of ministry and financial integrity has been traditional high and serves as an example for other ministries to model.  Go To Nations is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.


Role of Go To Nations


Role of Go To Nations


The most common term used for GO TO NATIONS is “mission agency.”  We are not a church, nor is it Go To Nation’s role to take the place of the church when it comes to missions.  Jesus Christ mandated the universal Church as His instrument to complete the Great Commission and not for mission agencies to function independently of the Church.   Go To Nations acts as a servant ministry to the body of Christ at large to help fulfill that mandate.

Go To Nations provides the local church with a complete missions track made up of viable mission services.  It begins with interfacing with the church leadership and extends to providing support services to that church’s missionaries in the field.

In the context of God’s sovereign call and purpose for Go To Nations, our definition of “mission agency” would be along the line – To serve as a “mission sending organization” which helps the body of Christ to conduct mission ministry by providing the practical and technical assistance necessary to be effective in the global harvest.

Our mission is to GO TO NATIONS with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

until Every tribe, Every Tongue, Every Nation has heard.

We interface with local churches, organizations, and missionaries in the field to accomplish the following six main objectives:

Global Awareness:            HELP churches awaken their congregations to their God-given role in reaching the world for Christ.

Missions Mobilization:     ASSIST churches in mobilizing their people into missions involvement through praying, sending and going.

Project Partnership:         PRESENT overseas missions opportunities that churches can adopt as their field projects or help them pioneer new ones.

Missionary Training:         PROVIDE various stages of missions training for those who   want to become full-time missionaries.

Mission Services:              SUPPLY support services for full-time missionaries that helps     sustain long-term viable and fruitfulness.

Global Facilitation:           SERVE as a mission facilitator between national Christian leaders, U.S. churches, and missionaries serving in the field.


About Go To Nations


About Go To Nations



Our mission is to GO TO NATIONS with the Gospel of Jesus Christ until every tribe, every tongue, every nation has heard.



GO TO NATIONS, in global partnership with the body of Christ, trains leaders to change nations, ignites the fires of evangelism, brings hope to the hurting, and plants strong national churches. This is accomplished by envisioning, mobilizing, training, and serving the Church worldwide to conduct cross-cultural missions ministry.





This ministry belongs to God.  We are stewards of GO TO NATIONS.  We are here to serve Him and bring Him glory.




We equip others for the mission.  We rejoice with the success of others.



GO TO NATIONS is not about building a ministry.  It is about completing a mission.



It is not about personal kingdom building.  It’s working together for His glory.  It does not matter who gets the credit.

Go To Nations Statement of Faith

Authority The scripture, both Old and New Testaments, are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man: the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct.  (II       Timothy 3:16-17)

God There is one true God, existing eternally as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The triune nature, or Trinity, is God, being one in three persons. (Isaiah 43:10-11, John 10:30)

Jesus Christ The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God.  The scriptures declare His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary work on the cross, bodily resurrection from the dead, and exaltation to the right hand of God.  (Matthew 1:23, I Peter 2:22, II Corinthians 5:21)

People Man was created good and upright.  However, Adam, by voluntary transgression, fell and thereby incurred not only physical death but also spiritual death, which is separation from God. God created Adam and Eve and from their children the earth was populated. God established the pattern of one man married to one woman as the only acceptable practice for a holy sexual union.  (Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2:17, Genesis 3:6, Romans 1:26-27, I Cor. 6:9-11)

Salvation     Man’s only hope of redemption is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  By repentance toward the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the washing, regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost, being justified by grace through faith, man becomes an heir of God according to the hope of eternal life. (Titus 3:5-7)

Holy Spirit All believers are entitled to and should ardently expect and earnestly seek the promise of the Father, the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and fire, according to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This experience is distinct from the previous experience of the new birth.  Common evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost is the sign of speaking in tongues, although the most significant evidence is a supernatural ability and motivation to witness. (Acts 1:4, 8)

Healing Divine healing is an integral part of the Gospel.  Deliverance from sickness is provided for in the atonement, and is the privilege of all believers. (Matthew 8:16, 17)

Ordinances  Baptism by immersion in water is commanded in the Scriptures.  Holy Communion, or The Lord’s Supper, consisting of the elements of bread and the fruit of the vine, is the symbol expressing our sharing the divine nature of our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Romans 6:4, I Corinthians 10:16)

The Future Jesus Christ will come again to earth personally, bodily, and visibly.  His coming will precede the age of universal peace and righteousness foretold in the Scriptures.   Those who have fallen asleep in Christ will be resurrected and translated together with those who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord.  There will be a final judgment in which the wicked dead will be raised and judged according to their works.  Whosoever is not found written in the Book of Life, together with the devil and his angels, the beast and the false prophet will be consigned to everlasting punishment, which is the second death.  According to His promise redeemed man will look for the new heaven and the new earth.  (Titus 2:13, Revelation 21:1)