Stones of Remembrance – Thailand Apprenticeship

By Natalie Mattes

Shawna Jerch is like a burst of fresh air. No, I do not mean a breath of fresh air. She is bursting, bursting with momentum, with movement. But in this season I’ve seen her learn to stop, wait and rest. I’ve seen her learning the timing of when to ebb and when to flow. I’ve seen this tension especially while worship leading. Sometimes her worship is sweet, innocent and gazing into the eyes of her love, King Jesus. Sometimes her worship is a powerful force against the kingdom of darkness, calling down strongholds and proclaiming the promises of God with boldness and in victory. I love to see the journey that she is on. I love to see her bend beneath the gentle hand of her Father God as He leads her on.

Mae Melendrez is most likely to be found behind the scenes, quietly serving, persistently trying new ways and new techniques to improve whatever task has been given to her. In the past nine months I have seen her bloom like a flower that has been put outside, her face turned toward the sun. She is full of life and that life is spilling over as she is eager to see that life given to others who have never heard. You can hear it in the way she prays, with intensity, with purpose, with passion. Her intercession is frequent and insistent. She is also full of plans and these plans are submitted to the Father’s timing and the Father’s way. She’s just happy to be where He wants her to be.

JP & Liz Ott never planned on coming to Thailand, let alone give two years of their lives here to serve. But in the “detour” there was a breaking that took place, and out of the breaking came a fragrance so sweet, so precious to the Father; the fragrance of surrendered lives. The purpose was no longer how fast could we finish. The question was no longer, “Why” were we here. Instead a steady, “ Yes” has replaced the questions and a beautiful peace has settled in their hearts. Now giftings, callings and dreams that were once hidden are now being brought to the surface. As they discover more of Him, they discover more of themselves and who He made them to be.

Asia is Being Set Ablaze!

By Shawna Jerch

  Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have believers from 8 nations in one place to seek God's presence and His heart for the nations? Ablaze 2016 was just that. We had representatives from eight countries visiting our team in Asia, some were pastors, missionaries, or worship leaders, but many were just average believers seeking God's calling for their lives. 

And God spoke.

Ablaze 2016 wasn't just a conference. It was a time when callings were confirmed or spoken for the first time. Healing was released, and youth were set on fire to bring the gospel to the unreached nations of the world. The amazing thing is this wasn't primarily among the Westerners, but the Asians. God is raising up Asians to play their part in the Great Commission!  
(Excerpt from newsletter)