Contributed by Deborah Barnes

As we participate in the 21-day corporate fast called by GTN President Dr. Jerry Williamson from January 5 to 25, 2016, we are believing God for seven areas of supernatural release for this year:

Presence.  Purpose.  Provision.  Power.  Promises. Peace.  Protection.

As Frank and I prayed at the WHQ chapel on Wednesday the 6th, I “saw” two words written out - Fullness and Joyfully. God wants us to be filled with the fullness of Him, for revival and joy to fuel us each day this year. May all seven “Ps” above manifest in your lives in fullness, and may you receive with joy!!

There are lots of ways to fast, including the Daniel fast, a liquids-only fast, one-meal-a-day fast, a three-day full fast, even fasting social media and TV (yes!). We trust God will give us his personal instructions for us and our families. Dr. Jerry is fasting dinners, having a protein shake for breakfasts and eating a large veggie lunch. Me - I am fasting sugar, breads, and mostly breakfasts (praying, writing and drinking liquids only tillnoon), with the goal to fast one meal per day. When I was a young learning leader, I used to fast breakfast and practice listening/praying three hours on Monday mornings to start my week. My weeks always went more smoothly; I had already prayed through to victory before life’s “stuff” hit me and my home cell group members. One man was healed of thyroid cancer as I agreed with a friend in prayer for his healing one Monday morning - that “knowing” came that it was already done. And it was.

As a head intercessor for a regional revival in Georgia in the 1990s, I was called to several Daniel fasts over the years. And I organized intercessors’ fasts to support leaders’ 40-day fasts with 24/7 coverage. We have seen many breakthroughs.

Why do we fast? We know that Jesus Christ our Lord bought full victory for us when he rose from the dead. In his resurrection, he defeated the princes and powers of the air 2000 years ago. So our fasting isn’t designed to move heaven so much as to move US into alignment with heaven, to raise the sensitivity of our spiritual antennae, and to get the understanding of what is happening from a heavenly perspective; understanding the season we are in. Fasting changes our perspectives and attitudes, humbles us, and revives our hearts. We gain a heavenly-kingdom perspective; the mind of Christ for a matter.

Vice President of Ministries Craig Kuehn wrote a list of declarations for our missionaries to proclaim over ourselves for 2016. I start my fasting prayer each day with these declarations (click here). I encourage you to do the same. Should you get a “word” or scripture for 2016, please feel free to email it to, so we can agree with you in prayer and in declaring what God is revealing for this year for your ministry, country or region.

I now speak GRACE, GRACE to every mountain you are facing. It is the season for Life to flow into your dreams and plans for your ministries, your families and your partnerships. Anointing, provision, revival in our homes and regions, health and angelic protection - whatever the need, our God will withhold no good thing from those who walk uprightly. May his grace manifest in fullness in you, and through you to the nations.

Deborah Barnes
GTN Director of Global Prayer