Stewarding our bodies can be an enormous challenge during the holiday season due to busyness, parties, travel and the unending banqueting table overflowing with rich dishes and delectable goodies.  Too often our schedule is topsy-turvy, staying up late talking with loved ones far into the night.  Many get under the weather from getting too much of a good thing and not enough of what our bodies need to flourish. Below are some simple ways to keep your holidays happy and healthy.

First, and most importantly, get enough sleep.  A study found that people who slept at least eight hours per night were nearly three times less likely to catch a cold than those who slept less than seven.   Sleeping will also help moderate the hunger hormone, which is associated with short sleep duration.
Second, stay hydrated. Drink one to two glasses of water upon waking and add some fresh squeezed lemon to alkalize it.  8 glasses of water a day boost metabolism, energy, decreases appetite and sugar cravings, and supports every process in your body.
Third, exercise every day.   Have a strategy to include exercise this season.  Walk in the morning and after dinner, do calisthenics such as squats, lunges, planks and push-ups, make it a family/friend outing or do sports. This increases feel good hormone levels and helps digestion and blood flow to all your organs and cells. 
Fourth, make food choices for vital health.  It’s okay to indulge in special treats this Christmas, but make sure they are a small portion of what’s on your plate.  Choose green leafy and colorful, roasted vegetables instead of high fat, low nutritive casseroles.  Make a gorgeous fruit centerpiece and vegetable tray which are delicious and energizing. Include beneficial proteins for healthy iron levels and for building muscle. Watch your sugar intake as it is an immune suppressor. As little as 3.5 ounces can suppress your immune system up to 50 percent. Most sugar is void of nutrients, and It actually requires nutrients to metabolize sugar and, therefore, pulls minerals from your body.
Have a healthy and wonderful Christmas!