We do what we love. You love what you pray for….

The last two articles on Support Raising were terrific! They were both biblically and experientially based. They encouraged and yet challenged, with specific tips and principals that really work to build and maintain a team of Ministry Partners.  Another common denominator was that both authors referred to an innate preference for “doing the ministry” over and above “raising funds” for that ministry.  I would like to agree, but also propose a solution. I have a solution that is also biblically based with experiential evidence as well.

Since we love what we pray for…. (Matt 5:44)  Pray for Partnership Development and you will learn to love it. I remember a favorite author of mine saying that there were three ways to let your wife know that you love her.  In no particular order, they are as follows:

  1. Tell her she’s beautiful.
  2. Tell her the bills are paid.
  3. Let her know that you have been praying for her.

Since coming across that concept over 10 years ago I have tested it many times. And now I unhesitatingly agree. These three things say “I love you” to the heart of a woman (and especially my wife). But I hadn’t expected an inverse effect. It is also true that the more I do these three things….. The more I love my wife. My praying for my wife literally causes me to love her more.

If we will pray with more discipline with regard to all the aspects of our partnership development, it will have the effect of causing us to love this aspect of our ministry as much as any other. It will actually turn our understanding toward the “heart grasp” that this is as much ministry as anything else we do.

I have a Ministry Partner who had to move to Jacksonville as part of a company relocation effort. His company decided to up and relocate their headquarters to Jacksonville (without his permission). His heart wasn’t in it. He didn’t care for his new city. He had strong ties to his church in Kentucky, and Florida was nothing like his native northern lands. But slowly, through the simple introduction to a school that his new church had “adopted”, he began to pray for the school, its location, employees and especially the children. Before long he was part of an effort to get all the schools in Jacksonville adopted and prayed for. And today this reluctant southerner now loves his new city. When you ask him about it, he is quick to answer, “You love what you pray for.”

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."   1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NASB)

What to pray for related to PD (Partnership Development).

  2. PD prospect list.
  3. The phone before I pick it up to set that appointment
  4. The monthly budgetary goals
  5. The presentation
  6. Thank you notes
  7. Existing partners (their needs, their families, their birthdays and anniversaries)
  8. Potential partners
  9. How the support is spent (personal & ministry)
  10. Everything Else!


Tom McLeod (with lovely wife Roxie)
International Missions Mobilizer