Mitch and Julie Linneman have three children and five grandchildren. Julie is from Minnesota and Mitch is from Illinois.

After seeing the poverty and exploitation of children in Costa Rica they felt the call from God to get involved in missions.  They felt called to some type of farming and community transformation. They learned about GloDev and aquaponics in 2015. In March of that year they came to Jacksonville, FL for a week training for aquaponics. A year later God called them into full time Mission work. In Feb 2016 they came to the Go To Nations Missionary Preparation and Orientation training and have since moved to Jacksonville and are based full time with GloDev working on The Eden Gardens project. They look forward to taking the aquaponics technology to the poorest parts of the world, specifically Costa Rica.

Only you can make the transformation of poor communities around the world a reality. We cannot accomplish this without your help. We are inviting you to a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand your reach and stand with us as we teach and train and implement Aquaponic systems and transform poor communities here in the USA and around the world.