We understand and appreciate our history.

We know who we are.

We clearly understand our mission. 

It is our responsibility, as stewards of this organization, to insure the longevity of the work that Christ has called us to and the integrity of the mission. A major part of that is empowering you, existing and emerging leaders, with all the necessary tools and impartations that you need to come up higher. By doing so, we will empower you to both fulfill the calling on your life and share in our responsibility for the organization.

The greatest challenge of the future is to pass the mantle generationally, while strengthening our identity and preserving our mission in a large multi-cultural ministry. Without knowing who we are corporately and how we fit in individually, we risk losing our identity, our mandate and our mantle to the next persuasive person or culture that grabs our attention. We have to pass the story of how this ministry was born of God to the next generation. We have a direct mandate from God for Go To Nations that we have a responsibility to protect; otherwise, this ministry will evolve into something other than what it was birthed to do. Because the mandate is clear, we understand GTN’s god-given role in the end-time harvest, which equips us to breakout into our individual callings and giftings as GTN missionaries. In equipping generationally, we have to recognize each opportunity to pour into our existing and emerging leaders and impart the mission of GTN, while equipping individuals in their specific calling and giftings.



The Leadership Development Forum provides a platform to impart the DNA, Core Values, Ministry Culture and Mission of Go To Nations                                                       into the lives of the existing and emerging leadership of the ministry.