Dear Go To Nations Leader, 

We are at place as a ministry and organization that we have never been at before in our history.  God has positioned us to build generationally. 

We know who we are.

We know where we’re going.

And, we know how to get there.

It is our responsibility, as stewards of this organization, to insure the longevity of the work that Christ has called us to and the integrity of the mission. A major part of that is empowering you, existing and emerging leaders, with all the necessary tools and impartations that you need to come up higher. By doing so, we will empower you to both fulfill the calling on your life and share in our responsibility for the organization.

After many years of prayer, numerous field visits, brainstorming how to build our field leaders, building our Equipping Track for new missionaries and more recently writing our Core Values Handbook, we had a divine strategy released from heaven at our Regional Directors’ meetings in March 2013. The Holy Spirit revealed the “Leadership Development Forum” (LDF), three weeks of impartation, resourcing, tooling, mentoring and fellowship, all hands on, leaders to leaders. 

We are anticipating a great move of God during this LDF and the fruit that will come from you as a result of our gatherings. Much prayer and preparation has gone into this

Leadership Development Forum.  We are anticipating between 15-20 participants.  We encourage you to begin preparing your hearts and praying for each other now.

Enclosed is some preliminary paperwork that you need to fill out and return by September 15th, 2015. Mitch Arbelaez, Director of Global Pathways for Latin America, will be contacting you in the next couple weeks regarding a part of your training that requires some pre-testingaround Cultural Intelligence. A letter regarding this is enclosed.

In honor of Dr. George H. Meyers, a Leadership Development Fund has been established in which major donors are investing into your being here so that you can be “lifted” to the next level of your calling. We wish to honor Dr. George and Janet for their lifetime of pouring into the development of leaders. The current executive and regional leadership give much credit to who we are today to the investment of Dr. George and Janet in our lives.

For those of you with children, we are making every effort that we can to insure that their needs are met and that they have a wonderful experience as well.   As much as you can communicate with us ahead of time regarding desires and special needs, the better.  

We have included a preliminary schedule for your perusal.  Please keep your weekends available if possible for spontaneous get togethers.  We look forward to having you in Jacksonville, for a time of work, a time of prayer and a time of growing! 

May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you!

Nancy Lovelace

Executive Vice-President of Ministries