I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my two daughters, Faith and Aliyah. Spending part of my life in Florida and a part of my life in a small town in Ohio, I have come to love all different types of people and appreciate their way of life.  I have worked with Go To Nations since 2015 as the Executive Assistant to Mobilization. Now as a missionary I help increase the very division I have come to love as my own family

At Go To Nations, I see locally and internationally, souls searching to be found, need for community transformation and hunger for truth. Once I experienced the power of GTN and the abundant love all the missionaries, staff and volunteer’s expressed it became contagious. Like a disease I am to infect everyone I come in contact with. You may have thought you were just investing in me and my life but in doing so I am weaving you into the DNA of Go To Nations and allowing you to reap the Kingdom. Every salvation we witness, you evangelized to; every orphanage we build is an orphanage you constructed; every woman we get out of the sex trade,you were there rescuing. A partnership with me, is a commitment to productive change.