Bob & Kim Whitlock have been mission partners with a local ministry in NW India since 2010.  The goal of this partnership is to transform the lives of the tribal people in the region.  The name of this project is “India-Training to Reign”. The Whitlock’s ministry includes 2 English-medium schools with more than 1,500 students and an orphanage with 80 poor, tribal children.  

The goal of the project is to provide “English Education for All”.  Most tribal children live in mud huts, are malnourished, and have no chance of any type of education.  English education is only available to the wealthy children of India.  By providing poor, tribal children with free English education the Whitlocks and their national partner are changing the lives of these children forever.  The children are able to have dreams for their lives beyond the rice fields.  They are taught God’s Word in the schools so they will not only be productive citizens of India but also for the Kingdom of God.
The orphanage provides a loving home, nutritious meal, clothing, medical care, an English Education, Bible training, and a family to the starving, forgotten children of India’s interior villages.  80 boys and girls are “trained to reign” for God’s kingdom and to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives.  They are able to have hope and a life of purpose when once that was not even a dream.

The tribal children of India are the poorest of India’s poor.  Please join with Bob & Kim Whitlock as they labor to change the lives of India’s tribal communities and show them there IS someone who loves and cares for them and His name is Jesus Christ.