Realizing the purpose for which I was called by God, has by no means been an easy task.  On my way to preparing for a future career, God totally turned my world upside down when He revealed to me that the life I had lived to this point had all been to lead me to my Calling in Christ.

It was during my first semester at college as I worked towards attaining a Bachelors of Arts degree- majoring in Social Sciences with a minor in Criminal Justice and High School Education that God called me to attend Christ for the Nations in Dallas.  A month after my college graduation, In keeping to the dream which God had already placed in my heart, I moved to Dallas to attend Christ For the Nations Institute.  While at CFNI, I finally heard the call to go to the mission field.  With still a year ahead of me at CFNI at that time, I majored in Global Missions.  After being at CFNI for two and a half years, I attended my graduation in May 2012.  However, I officially completed my third year with CFNI by attending Field School in the Philippines. 

In being obedient to God's desires, there has been so much to leave behind, including family, friends, and the opportunity of having a comfortable life of "normal" means.  But I have seen the hurt of this world, and the void that lingers in the hearts of people all over our world.  I know that I am not able to save the whole world, or to even tell everybody of the love of Christ, but I doknow the One that is able, the One that has saved the world.  He is the One who is sending me to share the good news. 

While in Jacksonville, I am traveling to different countries to assist in training missionaries while I myself am in training for the next thing God wants me to do.  Living in His will is a nice place to be.