“For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in.” - Matthew 25:35

Matching Grant Supporting our Farm

January 2015 we began working to develop a piece of property that was 35 acres in an effort to begin raising food for our feeding projects. We began to realize that this property was too small for our needs. While 35 acres might have been beneficial, the layout of the property restricted our area to about 10 acres and there was a problem with not enough water to support irrigation in the dry time of the year. We were actively looking for other property that would satisfy our needs, when a gentleman came to us and offered to lease his property to us on a long term lease and we could develop the property as we wanted. This property is very large with approximately 100 acres for farming and lots of water from a river on the property. So, in February of 2016 we began working this new property. It is certainly the Lords provision since we have lost the 35 acres due to someone not fulfilling their promises.

We want this project to be self sustaining, so we have a contract to grow Jalapeño peppers. We have grown and sold approximately 150,000 pounds this year. Infrastructure was needed in the form of a diesel pump to take the water from the river to a retention pond, a lot of 4 inch PVC pipe, valves and drip irrigation tubing. Our initial expenses were high, but we are in the black for this project and we are set up for the future! We are providing up to 20 jobs (20 families) for our local area during the harvest of the peppers, plus 6 full time jobs. 

As the cycle for the peppers ends soon, we will be rotating some crops on these fields such as beans, corn and some other vegetables to be used in our feeding programs. In February of next year, we will begin another crop of jalapeño peppers to help supply for the farm budget for 2017.