Go To Nations often has missionaries and teams located within reach of desperate communities affected by floods, typhoons, earthquakes, fires and more. The Disaster Relief Fund gathers and accumulates funds so that GTN personnel can be first responders in critical events. Because of our training, church relationship and networks, we are often able to respond quickly with food, water, mosquito nets, clothing, etc., much more quickly than the major relief organizations. Additionally we are able to build lasting relationships within the Christian Community.




Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico) Relief Efforts

Three Go To Nations missionaries (MELODY GAROFALO and EDWIN & ILEN ORTIZ) are currently living in Puerto Rico, and have been affected by Maria: 

Although our missionaries are safe, they are reporting that food, water and gasoline are in tight supply. Lines are 300 cars long at gas stations, and generators are running out of fuel (even diesel generators at hospitals have less than a days' fuel). Looting is taking place; neighborhoods are being robbed. But relief is making its way to Puerto Rico ... slowly. Water and fuel trucks traveling in the city have been hijacked by desperate people, so they are now getting police escort. Some areas downtown have businesses re-opening. Puerto Rican military and police are stationed at grocery stores and gas stations to maintain order. 

According to Melody Garofalo, "Supporters of mine have been calling me nightly quite distraught--USPS is not running to the island and they have no way to ship supplies to family members in Puerto Rico. They are despairing and feeling helpless to meet needs of desperate family members. One cousin has no food left, no water, no ATM available to get funds. I'm hoping she can be directed to a shelter ..." 

From Deborah Barnes, Director of Global Prayer, "Please pray for resources and wisdom for our leaders, FEMA, Red Cross, and disaster relief efforts ongoing for victims of Harvey, Irma and Maria. This is a huge endeavor with so many suffering loss and trauma.  Please Pray for PR communities here in the USA also. Many are suffering with no way to help their loved ones.

Let's work together with our missionaries, along with other organizations, in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida to bring relief to hurricane-ravaged families. Contributions at this time to the Global Disaster Relief Fund will go directly to ongoing relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida.


We currently have three Go To Nations missionaries living in Puerto Rico (MELODY GAROFALO and EDWIN & ILEN ORTIZ). These missionaries and their families are facing serious need and still (as of October 31st, 2017) are without power to their homes. Contributions at this time to the GTN Missionary General Fund will go directly to meeting the personal needs of our Go To Nations missionaries living in Puerto Rico.