Dear Missionary,

Cultural intelligence has been defined as “a person’s capability for successful adaptation to new cultural settings, that is, for unfamiliar settings attributable to cultural context.” Cultural intelligence (CQ) research offers strong potential for providing theoretically grounded and empirically tested cultural capability, which in turn can be integrated in helping prepare and develop cross-cultural workers and leaders.  

I am a fully certified CQ Consultant and I am exited to bring this assessment and training to GTN. The Multi-Rater Assessment provides the most accurate assessment and feedback on CQ because it combines self-assessment with observer-assessments. Participants and their observers complete online surveys, and participants receive a 24-page personalized feedback report that includes:

1.    Self CQ Scores: Personal Scores for each of the 4 CQ capabilities (Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, Action), as well as scores for the sub-dimensions for each capability

2.    Observer CQ Scores: Observer Feedback on CQ capabilities

3.    Worldwide Norms: Comparison of their scores with the CQ worldwide norms (gathered from more than 35,000 global professionals in 60+ countries)

4.    Cultural Values: Personal Scores on 7 Cultural Value Orientations (e.g. their personal orientation on values such as individualism vs. collectivism, low vs. high context, etc.)

5.    Global Potential: Personal progress toward 3 specific outcomes (cross-cultural adaptability, judgment and decision-making and situational leadership)

6.    Reflection: Reflective questions to help them interpret their CQ results

7.    Development Plan: A personalized developmental plan that highlights strengths and areas for improving CQ capabilities

I will be personally contacting each of you and will walk you through the process of CQ assessment.  I look forward to being with you in April as we look at ways to improve our cultural intelligence.  


Mitch Arbelaez

Latin America Director of Global Pathways

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