LOCATION: The Missionary Preparation & Orientation is held at the GTN Ministry Center, next door to our World Headquarters at 3771 Spring Park Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

DAILY CLASS SCHEDULE:  Sessions will be held Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday morning from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.  There will be a one-hour lunch break and a ten-minute break every hour in the classroom. Candidates must attend all sessions.  Thursday evening will be your graduation service and a special dinner in honor of the host families.  Friday is designated for new missionary agreements, internship orientations, and personal development.  All approved candidates must be present on the Friday to complete paperwork. Saturday will conclude with a time of personal ministry.    Following MPO, the missionary candidates will commit to three weeks of support raising training with Kingdom Come Training.  This will consist of 15-hours of on-line classes, Monday – Thursday, scheduled around your needs, as well as ongoing monthly coaching and accountability sessions with KCT while raising support partners.

REGISTRATION:  In order to receive the full benefit of the Missionary Preparation & Orientation, we strongly suggest you comply with all requirements of the application procedure. 

This includes:

1)    Application

2)    Biographical Information

3)    Two photographs (families with children include children in picture)

4)    Pastor’s Recommendation

5)    Three Recommendation Forms  (Recommendations should be mailed to Go To Nations by the referrer)

6)    Copy of FBI Identification Record and Waiver

7)    References Listing Form

8)    Nonrefundable Application Fee


If married, both husband and wife must fill out a separate application, separate recommendation forms, and participate in the program together. Registration will begin upon receipt of application and registration fee.



$75 (Per single or couple)

(Make check payable to GO TO NATIONS.  This is additional to tuition.)



Singles - $ 925              Couples - $ 1225

(Make check payable to GO TO NATIONS

***Fees include initial three week training with Kingdom Come Training***

***All fees are subject to change***

***No refunds 30 days prior to class***

FBI Identification Record: An FBI background check is required for each MPO and TIP candidate. Please read the enclosed information carefully as many of the old policies and procedures have changed and the requirements are different in Florida. The candidate must be fingerprinted at a local government agency. On the fingerprint card, in the reason Fingerprinted section in the first column, please put “NCPA/VCA Employee” and in the “Your No. OCA” section in the second column please put E16040149.

On the waiver form, select “employee” in the “I am a current or prospective” section. Mail the original waiver to Go To Nations. PLEASE SEE THE ENCLOSED FBI REQUIREMENT PAGE FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.   Please allow 6-9 weeks for processing. A person cannot be fully approved for missionary service without this document.

PRE-CLASS ASSIGNMENT: Purchase Scott Morton’s book, Funding Your Ministry, which cost around $20.00 at Barnes and Nobles or Target.com.

For Kingdom Come Training (because we subscribe to a web-based videoconferencing service) you will need:

·      A good hard-wired high-speed internet connection (Wi-Fi isn’t reliable for multipoint videoconferencing.)

·      A webcam 

·      Headphones (speakers are unacceptable because there is normally about a one-second delay in transmission, and your speaker will feed an echo back into the system.  Very annoying!)

·      Adequate bandwidth (The minimum bandwidth speed is 386 kbps upload, 1536 kbps download.   To test the speed of your broadband connection go to: http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/)


All paperwork and fees must be in our office for the February session, ,by January 5th and for the August session, by July 5th

FLIGHTS: Flight itineraries should be sent to Go To Nation’s office no later than three weeks prior to classes.  Send entire flight itinerary.  You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements to and from the airport, to your host family’s home and to class. We suggest that a group of candidates rent a car together and split the rates. We are able to make recommendations on groups/car rentals at the three-week mark when we receive flight itineraries.

DRIVING:  If you are planning to drive please estimate your time of arrival.  We will provide directions to your host housing, with important phone numbers and contacts along with directions to the Go To Nations office.  Those arriving with cars may be asked to pick up other candidates without cars for class.

CHILDREN:  It is required for you to make arrangements for your children before coming to MPO. We believe in involving the whole family in ministry, but we have learned that due to the amount of work, the working of the Holy Spirit in the candidates’ lives, and the full work days, that it is most beneficial for husbands and wives to devote this time to seeking the Lord concerning their calling without their children.  Also, we do not want to impose on our host families who so graciously open their homes to us for hospitality.

HOUSING: Housing with host families is available on a limited basis and is provided as available. Please be prepared to leave a love offering with your host family.  A suggested amount is $50 for singles and $100 total for couples.  Host families are not obligated to provide evening meals. However, some choose to do so.  Please come prepared to provide your own dinner. 

Please note:  Those staying in host housing should plan on (if at all possible) arriving on Saturday prior to classes (try to avoid Sunday arrivals whenever possible) and departing any time after 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. This will insure some quality time with your host family.  Those staying in host housing wanting to arrive earlier or depart later will need to secure their own hotel reservations and transportation for that period of time.

MEALS:  A continental breakfast and delicious hot lunch is provided each day and is included in your tuition.  Graduation dinner is provided.  Snacks and drinks are also included.

  **Please notify us in advance if you have any particular dietary needs (i.e. vegetarians).  We will do our best to accommodate your requests. 

DRESS CODE FOR CLASSES:  Men should wear collared shirts with casual slacks.  Ladies should wear dresses, skirts and blouses, or attractive pantsPlease, no tee shirts, blue jeans, or immodest attire, except for Friday and Saturday when blue jeans and tennis shoes are appropriate.

EMPLOYMENT WITH Go To Nations:  On Friday of your MPO, and upon approval, you will be given an opportunity to become a missionary with GTN.  If you choose not to join Go To Nations on that day, you will have one year to make your decision without attending another full MPO.  However, we require that you attend the “Polices & Procedures” training on Thursday and Friday of another MPO before beginning your employment with GTN.  We believe this is an integral necessity to your successful tenure with this organization.