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A WORD TO PASTORS from Go To Nations President, Dr. Jerry Williamson

When evaluating the usefulness of different tools offered to pastors by various ministries, here are some important initial questions to consider:  Do I actually need these tools?  Are they simple to use, but effective?  Do they relate to our size church? Most pastors have found that the answers are – YES, YES, YES – when it pertains to Go To Nations’ arsenal of equipping tools specially created and designed for pastors and church leaders.   These materials are insightful, practical, and designed to create new levels of greater productivity within the church.  Thousands of church leaders worldwide are already benefiting from the use of these valuable tools.  Now your church can do the same!

"The church's light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home." 


 Churches exists to not only to impact local communities, but also to profoundly impact the world. Global Pathway is not simply a training tool, but it is a comprehensive resource, empowering pastors to lead change in their churches. 

From small, independent churches to entire denominations, Global Pathway Conferences have been a powerful catalyst for transformation.  

Global Pathway offers churches a unique opportunity to host a conference with top trainers, in which a complete template is provided in order maximize the church's potential in the area of missions.  The conference includes multiple modules, with published training manuals, which highlight ...

  • PRINCIPLES - Biblical principles that uncover the Great Commission call of every believer
  • PROCESSES - Established standards and systems that empower the Body of Christ to act
  • PRACTICAL TOOLS - Identified components that equip the church to increase effectiveness
  • POTENTIAL - Unlocks hidden and untapped potential as a congregation in the global harvest


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