Calvary Missions Institute exists for the development and deployment of full-time missionaries.  Those who successfully complete the program will not only be equipped  for fruitful Great Commission ministry, but they will have earned sufficient degree credits to be awarded an Associates Degree of Biblical Studies.  Go To Nations has partnered with Logos College and Seminary to develop a track for the training and mobilizing of missionaries with transferable credits to other colleges and universities across America.

Lee University, Wheaton College, Regent University and Texas A&M are a sampling of those accepting credits for transfers.  The complete listing is available in the Logos catalog.  For more information about Logos College and Seminar, please contact e.

Hands-on Equipping

You can now serve as a full-time missionary in Calvary International's missions programs and ear you Associates degree at the same time!  The three primary components of Calvary Missions Institute are:

Missionary Preparation and Orientation.  This 6-day program is designed to empower potential missionaries to purse their missions call with increased wisdom and a broader understanding of missions life.
Timothy Internship Program.  This 10-week program provides instruction in basic missionary competencies needed for a lifetime of fruitful missions service.  Interns will serve in either San Pedro Sula, Honduras or Chiang Rai, Thailand depending upon their destination for career service.
Missionary Apprenticeship.  This 2-year program is designed to mentor new missionaries during their first year of field service.  They will serve alongside veteran missionaries who will help them fully integrate into the team, the culture and the ministry to the nation.  An apprentice may choose from many counties designed for optimal learning experience.

Course Requirements

Semester Hours

Church-Based of Self-Study Courses

(1 Hour) Introduction to World Missions

(3 Hour) Perspectives in the World Christian Movement

(3 Hour) Bible Study Guide Training-Advanced Discipleship 

Calvary Missions Institue

(6 Hour) Missionary Preparartion and Orientation

(9 Hour) Timothy Internship Program (Field-based)

(21 Hour) Missionary Apprenticeship (Field-based)

(Students put together a portfolio which includes project details and outcomes.)

Special Options (Learning's Choice)

(6 Hour) Planning and Implementing a Field Project

(Students must put together a portfolio which includes project details and outcomes.)

(15 Hour) Basic Bible Knowledge Exam (available through Logos)

(Students must complete the exam with a 90% or better to be awarded credit.)
64 Total Semester Hours

Tuition and Fees

  1. The Program fees for the Missionary Preparation and Orientation and the Timothy Internship Program will be paid to Go To Nations.
  2. An additional fee of $5.00 per credit hour will be paid to Calvary International upon completion of each course of study.
  3. Logos requires these additional fees to award an Associate of Biblical Studies degree

Application Fee                                                  $40

Evaluation Fee                                                    $20

Graduation Fee                                                   $65

Basic Bible Knowledge Tuition and Exam Fee     $350

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