The Calajunan Community Development Project is a one of our community development and transformation sites in Iloilo City. It works in partnership with the local church to reach the Calajunan community living in and near the Iloilo City trash dump. Working alongside a local church it is helping to develop a dynamic children’s program to reach the hundreds of children living in and near the Calajunan Dumpsite and one of the cities relocation sites. Impoverished, with little education these children little chance of survival with out the Love of Jesus Christ.

In partnership with the local church, and Sonshine Center, we are looking forward to starting Community Health, Evangelism (CHE) a Christian based community development program, that will empower the local church to reach the two community of nearly 15,000 people in and around the Calajunan Dump Site. Our goal is to put “Christ in the Community, and the Community in Christ”. Some of the projects of the program will entail, is urban gardening and F.A.I.T.H. GARDENING (Food Available In The House - container gardening) children’s programs, house to house small groups, feeding program, rain water catchment systems and water filtration systems and livelihood training
Thank you in advance for helping to bring life to these families through the gospel of Jesus Christ and community development.