Author: Craig Kuehn, Go To Nations Vice President of Ministries

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19 (NASB)

A missionary calling is really a unique spiritual gifting that lets people minister in a culture that is not their own. Missionaries love the challenges and differences of new places, customs and people. Because of that, they make many sacrifices they themselves are not aware of.

They drive cars that are ten years old because they cost the same as new cars back home. They may or may not have air conditioning even in extreme heat because the cost of electricity is so high. A lot of what we would have as necessities back home don’t even exist in many nations of the world.

But beyond all of that, missionaries move around the world to do MINISTRY. To reach out to rich or poor, but often poor. That takes travel. It takes a visa for every family member. It takes materials written, translated and published in another language. It takes medical tests and shots and regular government reports to stay legal in a nation. Both Life and Ministry take finances. And a missionary can’t work a few extra hours or preach in a church to get a little extra income. They live by faith, trusting their donors and partners will remain faithful each month.

Prayer: God I pray that you will supply ALL the needs of missionaries. That they will have what they need personally, and their children will not lack anything. I pray that there will be extra for outreach and ministry in the nation where they serve. I pray for their donors and partners that they will be blessed as they sow seed in the nations and stay faithful in supporting their missionaries. I pray that God will provide in ways that makes the missionaries aware of His love, care and provision for them.   

Craig and his wife, Sandra, have been with GTN since 1990. They have championed GTN's vision to train, equip, and mobilize laborers in Asia since moving to Manila, Philippines in 1991. In 1994, the Kuehn's accepted the role of Asia/Pacific Regional Directors and continue to serve in that role and as of 2016 Craig also serves as Vice President of Ministries.