AUTHOR: Kalee Simpkins, Executive Assistant to Mobilization

I have found that as we walk in God’s will and stay according to His timing, divine appointments are never in short supply. This very thing happened to one of Go To Nations missionaries. Their names are Garito and Gwendolyn Stanley and they serve in Honduras.

 As the Stanley's were home for the Holidays they were directed to a local Jacksonville, FL business named SanMar Corporation. This company has an over 1400 square foot warehouse stocked full of t-shirts for children, men and women, as well as promo items such as pens and coffee mugs.

 The Stanley’s went to SanMar because they were trusting that God had something planned for this partnership. Their expectation was that SanMar would discount some clothing or even donate a small amount. However, this was not the case at all—SanMar donated thousands of new clothes ranging from children’s apparel, to men and women’s clothing, brand new back packs and even sleeping bags! The quantity was so huge the Stanley’s had to rent a different vehicle to transport it all.

 SanMar’s generosity has opened up an opportunity for so many people in Honduras to receive these new items; items that we often take for granted, that the Honduran people would not be able to obtain on their own, due to their poverty stricken lives. The clothes will primarily go to one of Go To Nations projects, an orphanage that the Stanley’s minister in, the name is Nueva Destino in San Pedro. Also, the items will go to members of a local church in Choloma that Garito’s family is very involved with.

 This is just one example of the things God is doing for Go To Nations and its missionaries. It becomes so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life and forget to acknowledge the miracles that are taking place all over the world. The Lord will use any business, any person and any opportunity he needs to in order to fulfill the promises He has made to us. This news release was published to tell an incredible story about the generosity of SanMar Corporation but also because of the impact this is going to have on many families in Honduras. It shows the capability of what we as individuals and businesses can do to make a global impact.