AUTHOR: Victor Barousse, Member Care Team Member, Team Chapel Director, International Missions Mobilizer

After a summer in the Ural Mountain region of Russia, August 2015 found Go To Nations missionaries Victor, Kathie and Sarah Barousse journeying by train to Siberia, where they led a Russian team in planting a new work in Ulan Ude, the capital of Buryatia, located north of the Mongolian border.   While influenced by the wider Slavic Culture of Russia, the Buryat are a Mongol tribe influenced by the steppe geography and the practices of shamanism and Buddhism.

 A Hope Drug and Alcohol rehab center was launched first, and two months later New Testament Church began services.  The emphasis was purpose, passion for God, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  From the beginning, disciples were taught that the Great Commission is their purpose, and signs and wonders are their inheritance.  Rapid growth of the church and rehab ministry led to openning of a second Hope center; a piece of property was donated for a third. 

 Teams were trained and began evengelism in seven surrounding communities; regular house church services have already begun in two of these villages.  In only a year and a half, the Barousses were able to transition every key ministry to the oversight of Russian and Buryat leaders.  Now, a strong church, with a rapidly maturing national leadership, continues the work. 

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