AUTHOR: GloDev Missionary, Hannah Kentch

Hannah Kentch recently came aboard Go To Nations, working with our relief and development arm GloDev.  Here is her first-hand account of how God is using missionaries to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of villages in Honduras:

"We walked into a room with a table perfectly set up for a group of missionaries.  The young boys living there brought us our plates, each of which had  one fish, rice, and veggies.  Feeling a little skeptical of the fish that seemed to be staring back at me, I asked for a master to teach me how to eat the fish.  After one bite I was sold.  This fish was amazing!  I looked around as all the boys sat down with their plates diving into their fish seeming to be perfectly fine with the eyes attached to their lunch.  

After lunch, we walked out to the aquaponics farm right outside the kitchen which had been the source of our amazing lunch.  It was fascinating seeing all the fish swimming and eating.  I was even more fascinated watching this group of young boys eagerly helping to take care of the fish.  I learned that just two years ago, this group of boys were starving.  There were not enough resources to feed them the nutrition their growing bodies needed.  

Our incredible Go to Nations team in Honduras worked with GloDev to bring aquaponics to this orphanage.  The boys living in the orphanage were part of building the system and were trained on how to maintain it.  The aquaponics farm continues to provide between 50 and 60 fish per week.  Starvation is no longer an issue for the boys living at the orphanage.  Aquaponics did much more than provide nutrition to these growing young men.  This self sustaining micro farm restored their ability to hope.  Join with us as we continue changing lives by expanding to bring more aquaponics farms to Honduras!" 

Our Go To Nations ministry hub in Honduras is expanding--including the formation of a 2nd New Destiny School and the acquisition of a coffee farm.  Under the leadership of our Latin American Regional Directors, villages are being completely transformed as both physical sustenance and spiritual "water" is being brought to Honduras.