AUTHOR: Jeremy Henderson, V.P. of Communications, V.P. of Missions Mobilization

A young minister in Moshono, Tanzania quipped, "We haven't heard this before."  Many African churches are vibrant communities with close fellowship and intense discipleship.  However, there has been a missing piece in many of these churches; GTN's Global Pathway is being used to spark a movement in East Africa, by connecting the African church to her mission.  As bishops, pastors, deacons, elders, and other leaders from a spectrum of denominations, stand before a group of their peers, in repentance, they urge each other to take seriously the call to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

This is a strategic mobilization effort that we are seeing turn in to a movement before our eyes. Ivory coast, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and South Africa, have also requested Global Pathway training for their churches; these include the African Anglican Church (the entire denomination), the Charismatic Anglican Churches of East Africa, as well as many Assemblies of God churches.  

Gathering and producing trainers from all around the world, to go into all the world, Global Pathway is being used by God in the eruption of a movement--and we are earnestly praying for African national missionaries to be sent into areas of Europe.  Check out this REACH Media featurette on Global Pathway: