AUTHOR: Jeremy Henderson, V.P. of Communications, V.P. of Missions Mobilization

From Tanzania, to Thailand, Mick Richards, Executive Producer of "Building a Difference" has been enrolled in a "crash course" in missions.  This Jacksonville-based production company develops programs that highlight various non-profits--since becoming involved with Go To Nations, Mick has been immersed with several of our field teams (Burkina Faso, Africa, and Chiang Rai, Thailand, etc.) documenting the trials, difficulties, and victories that missionaries experience around the world.  

The REACH Campaign, a project of the Mobilization Division of Go To Nations, has resulted in the production of 33 featurettes, exploring the lives of GTN missionaries, projects, and initiatives around the world.  These videos have been released to the public on the platform of the First Coast Living television program on Jacksonville's WTLV, Chanel 12. This experience has so impacted Mick that he is featuring Go To Nations as the highlighted ministry on "Building a Difference"--more information on this to be released SOON!  

Check out one of our REACH Campaign Featurettes, produced by Mick Richards of "Building a Difference":