AUTHOR: Pam Dagwom, Go To Nations Missionary to Nigeria

ISIS, El-Shabab and Boko Haram are purely Islamic terrorist groups, sometimes with ethnic coloration fighting for Islamic Caliphate in Nigeria. So many things attest to this.

1. The formation, ideology and philosophy of Boko Haram are a clear proof.
2. Its link and association with ISIS, Al-Qaeda and similar other groups which are fanatical Islamic terrorists groups is further proof.
3. The purported forceful conversion of the Chibok schoolgirls that were kidnapped in April 2014 to Islam.
4. Also, any town they captured in North East of Nigeria, they changed the name of the town to Islamic Caliphate and raise their Islamic flag.
5. A deliberate and systematic attack and destruction of Christian structures and faith.

The perpetrators themselves have made it abundantly clear that they are an Islamic group pursuing purity in Islam and have claimed responsibility for the several attacks either through bombings, beheadings or shootings in which at least 15,000 people have been killed, 3, 000 kidnapped, over a million displaced and about 5,000 maimed while several others are still missing. Also, many women and girls have been raped and properties worth billions destroyed. This is wickedness of the highest order. Their claim to be the purest form of Islam may be the reason why they attack both Christians and (other) Muslims.

The Nigerian government and International Community are fully aware from intelligent reports that there are no serious measures taken especially to apprehend and prosecute the master-minds and sponsors either as individuals or nations. It is obvious that there are some well organized strategists behind this whole reign of terror.

Recent efforts at fighting insurgency has always been weakened or hijacked by the issue of violation of Human Rights that comes from every angle (National and International). This has brought about a snail speed process of finding a lasting solution to the menace that has overtaken the sovereignty of Nigeria as a secular state. This seems to be part of an international agenda for Islamisation. It is unthinkable that the rights of
terrorists are of greater interest to the so-called rights of organization than those of their victims.

Government needs to be proactive rather than reactionary. This is one sure way to curb this insurgency that has bedeviled the country and neighboring nations like Chad, Cameroon and Niger. A deliberate strategy for a sustainable solution is inevitable. And we must stop playing the religious hide-and-seek game; a terrorist is a terrorist.

1. The military operational command has been ordered to move from Abuja to Maiduguri aimed at moving closer to the terrorists as was promised during the presidential inauguration speech on May 29th. About 1000 people have been killed in bloodletting attacks within the short period of this administration. Hence the need for immediate intervention.
2. The need to demonstrate greater political will and firmness by the country’s leadership is very important.
3. There is need for the International Community to support positive steps taken by Nigerian Government in curbing the menace. The fall of Nigeria or sustained instability in Nigeria will NOT be in the overall interest of the African Continent nor the global community as a whole.
4. All Human Rights issues should be looked at objectively and in a wider scope in the fight against insurgencies worldwide, instead of subjectively as portrayed in the current stand of Transparency International.
5. The recent dismantling of military checkpoints at this time of heightened insecurity in some parts of Nigeria will erode the gains by the previous administration in this effort to defeat the terrorists.